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Posted by Deepak Hariharan

Video:Shah Rukh Khan Promoting Lead India Campaign

Lead India is a television initiative launched on India's 60th Independence Day by The Times Of India Group in search of a new bold leader for India. Well the sole purpose behind this initiative is to find a new leader from the various applicants for the programme. The applicants can be aged between 25 and 45. The winner or rather the 'Perfect Leader' will be chosen through various stages like in any other song or dance reality show. The programme was presented by Anupam Kher who is well known in Bollywood industry for his acting. The programme promised the winner a seat in Assembly elections as well as an amount of 50 lakhs to be invested in any public welfare project of his/her choice, added to these the winner is also offered a seat at Harvard University for Leadership And Politics Course. Almost prominent people from all fields participated for the campaign, in fact for its promotion so that it can reach each nook and corner in India. Well after its first Season, R.K Mishra from Bangalore was named winner. He is now given chance pursue a political career with a ticket from either the Congress or the BJP, or as an independent candidate, all aided by intensive grooming at the Kennedy School or at the Times School of Political Leadership - is secondary


I found this campaign as a really heat-spurring one. It really does encourage the youth to step into limelight and lead the nation through correct path. India is democratic and picking right leader lies in the good interest for the nation. The programme was more or less like finding diamonds from garbages. In such a vast nation like India, there might be many people whose skills are still untested or not enough exposure to bring themselves out of their nutshell. The programme got around 40000 entries. I won't disagree with the fact that more than half of the applicants are attracted by the huge amount involved in winning and the fame they gonna earn through this programme. But it won't be a restraint in this programme as the applicants are filtered thoroughly to choose the best in the pond. The programme was really benefited by the involvement of Bollywood. It really aided in the publicity of the programme. Youth were inspired seeing their Bollywood Icons spurring the latter through numerous videos. Youth is the future of every nation. They are going to lead the country sooner or later. Programmes like Lead India Campaign inspires people to come out of their comfort zones and work for the nation. If anyone have the potential to lead a nation, they can be encouraged only through programmes like these.Jaagore India..!!!

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