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Posted by Deepak Hariharan

Food is the basic need for survival for everyone. I eat three times a day-morning,noon and at night. I wish it is the same for everyone. But unfortunately world is not as sweet as I wish it to be. There are many people in this world who find it hard to get a handful of food! People even beg for food to satisfy their hunger. There are people in this world who satify their hunger with a meal for a day. But now, I would like to shed light on the irony involved. As science progressed, world progressed along- life styles changed, PEOPLE changed for the need!!When a section of poor and needy people are crying for a handful of food, on the other side people(including me) are wasting tonnes of food everyday. I confess that i waste food often. But don't you see an irony??on one side people are crying their stomachs out for one time meal and we on the other side wasting food tirelessly!

Chicken a la Carte

It is a short movie directed by Ferdinand Dimadura in the year 2005. The synopsis is about the hunger and poverty brought about by Globalization. There are 10,000 people dying everyday due to hunger and malnutrition. This short film shows a forgotten portion of the society. The people who live on the refuse of men to survive. What is inspiring is the hope and spirituality that never left this people.


The movie is about a deprived family feeding on the wastes and leftovers from a restaurant. The movie portrays a person working at a restaurant and how he finds food to feed his family. He picks up all the leftover food, and takes it back to his home. At home, the kids will be eagerly waiting for him to come so that they can fill their little tummy. The director has been able to shake me off with that. The smiles that bring on the kids face while eating it really etched something painful deep in my heart. The kid bears an innocent smile on its face and eats the food given.

Its really painful to see people suffer for their food. We all fuss for each and everything. We get everything the moment we seek for it. Let it be good dress, good food, car, bike, computer and the list goes. We all dream a lot. We getting LCD Tv or a good laptop or something luxurious. But there are a lot of people who dream just like us but not for these luxuries, but just to have their tummies filled at least for a day. They would just be glad not to worry for food for a day. We are not to be blamed because our parents brought us everything we asked for. Hence we don't know how it feels when we are deprived of it. Our parents never wanted us to bother too. We complain for a slight change of taste in the food we eat. We even have our favorites in food. Some may like spicy foods and some may not. But these innocent needy people just wish for food irrespective of taste or vegetable!! I would like to ask you just a simple silly question- Have you ever snubbed food given to you at least once in your life.??well frankly i have snubbed food a lot. But once we know how hard it is, when we are deprived of it- we would never ever repeat it in our life.!

I would like to share some ideas. They may not be realistic or silly. Anyways i would do my part. It has been occuring to me that these CELEBRITIES irrespective of bollywood or hollywood have obviously a lot of money with them. Wouldn't it be nice if these SUPERSTARS could donate something for the rich and needy. I won't ask them to give away everything they have. Like at least one percent of the money they receive from each movie for helping the needy? World could be a lot better place to live then. For example Akshay Kumar earns 35 crores from each movie i think.I am not sure. Approximate it to 25 crores. 1 % of 25 crores is 25 lakhs. Well he has got the rest with him and I dont think no celebrities has their cost of living more than 1 lakh per month. It is the extreme case. Apart from all these, won't they get the good feeling when they help someone. When they see the poor and needy satisfying themselves because of them. Just think how beautiful the world can be if all the celebrities end up helping the poor and needy. This is applicable to all those who are well settled in their lives-business tycoons,rich sportspersons etc.
Those who are capable of helping must help the needy. If your conscience doesnt allow you, just swap your position with the needy.!

I would like to share the example of one such celebrity- Rajni Kanth. He may do all sorts of craps like killing 2 people with 1 bullet. But nobody knows what life he lives. MTV Fabulous life once Telecasted assets he hold. Well all celebrities have exotic cars and bikes-Ferrari,BMW,Audi etc. Well Rajni Kanth still travels in his Ambassador car. He earns around 20 crores i think from 1 single movie. But he donates half of it to the poor and needy. How many of you have seen Rajni Kanth in full make-up apart from movies(he gotta project himself nicely in movies to attract people..!) He leads a simple life. He has a peaceful life too.! I am not canvassing being a Rajni fan. But don't you feel this genuine? Have you ever heard him claim his charitable works in media like how our bollywood celebrities do??I wish every one rise to the occasion and bridge the ever-widening gap between Rich And Poor!

I want to make a change in this world. Each person is entitled to lead a peaceful life like us. It might be insignificant comparing this vast human population in the world. But if everyone starts doing their part, assume how things can change!!So rise upto the occasion my dear brothers and sisters! Lets roll up our sleeves and get to work. Lets Do some good things in our life.!

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awsome vedio man.....leave abt d celebrities..if v dnt waste food v can actually contribute a lot 2 d poor....teach d prsnt generation rite frm their young age not 2 waste food...

well said...

Dont waste food and i think the laws of economics will handle the hunger of poor people...

could nt watch the video.....
Problems with my pc.... :(

keep posting... :)

Nice template and yes i did fed yr fishes... :)

Hey DJ..

First of all..damn good looks of the blog ! And your post was so well written i forced my many friends to read it !! And specially the video..

Well done brother

nice post bro...
we being d future of the nations..needs 2 realize these facts..nd gradually..reduce this "ever widening" gap between rich nd poor...

nice blog..
luvd ur post..
keep bloggin..nd commenting..

We future of the nation should come forward and atleast try to reduce poverty..we can become part of the ONE the vocabulary game on,.....donate money to the World Food Programme, UNICEF, WHO, or World Vision,.....Donate materials to those in need....

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