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I would like to start by asking how many of you are aware about the pathetic medical system prevailing in rural areas? Till date there are many Primary Rural Health Care Center running on sulfur ointments for all diseases. Its pretty depressing to see children of 10-12 years die at a very small age due to lack of proper immunization when required. They are affected by all kinds of diseases like polio, cholera. The sad part is it ends up into an epidemic and the whole village suffer. The rural primary center is neither well equipped nor have proper medicines. A lot of people lose their lives because of that. Well this statement might seem easy because we all know about it. But assume an epidemic spread across your colony or resident area and everyone is deceased. How will it be? Each and everyone's life is valuable-rich or poor irrespective.

A Rural Primary Health Centre

Well, recently I happened to read an article on an E-Paper " Billion Beats" by Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam about an incident he encountered in a rural place called Betgeri. The place is located in Kadag District in interior Karnataka. Actually, Dr. Kalam met Dr.Solomon, who was practicing at a rural CSI hospital in Betgeri, at Lakshmeshwar where he was scheduled to interact with engineering students. Dr. Kalam as usual asked him "Wat do you do?". Well, the thing that made Dr. Kalam visit the Betgeri was Dr.Solomon's reply. He replied "Sir, I am serving in a rural CSI hospital in the interior Karnataka, a place called Betgeri, Gadag District and I attend 250 patients everyday". He attended 250 patients a day in a Rural Health Care Centre. Interested Dr.Kalam intended to visit the place and Dr.Solomon accompanied him to Betgeri. The hospital was set up back in 19th century during the times when Basel Mission sent missionaries to India. During 1902, the mission was very active in Karnataka and the general condition of people was miserable. Epidemics-cholera,malaria etc and malnutrition was widespread. The mission established the hospital due to the acute need of medical care. The hospital was run by doctor missionaries till early 1970's. But once they left, the hospital had to manage funds for its maintenance. But a lady gynecologist run the hospital with her selfless service. Many doctors served at the hospital. Dr.Solomon, one among them, after graduation, he worked as Medical Officer in this hospital from 1980-83 and then specialized in General Medicine at C.M.C Vellore, had joined the hospital as Physician and Medical Superintendent in 1986, when there was no secondary care hospital in the region. But Dr.Solomon along with help of fellow doctors upgraded hospital into secondary health care centre. Many mandatory equipments and facilities were availed. They are able to conduct even invasive surgery! The role Dr.Solomon played was to keep the 'show running'. He had to manage funds for the working of the hospital. He reduced the fees for all facilities and medical care to bare minimum for the sake of people in that area. They could afford the medical care though they were poor. For an instance, the ICU bed fee was Rs.100. Assume the fees of other medical care relating to this. The hospital runs successfully with 250 patients everyday and good modern day medical facilities are availed for them. The people are well immunised and proper immunisation are given to children on time. THEY ARE SAFE.!

Well, Betgeri was saved by Dr.Solomon. But, in a vast country like India there are thousands of rural area in each state itself. But there aren't enough 'Dr.Solomon'. He sacrificed his work for the sake of thousands of people in that area. He literally saves 250 lives everyday. It wouldn't have sounded the same if he would have worked in a sophisticated city hospital where there are more than enough doctors providing medical care. Dr. Solomon through proper management and leadership skill was able to co-ordinate the hospital. The people need to get medical care whenever needed. The sacrifice and dedication of Dr.Solomon means so much to the people who wouldn't have even got proper medical attention in his absence. He won my heart.

Serve Your Fellow Beings ! Let Them Be Happy Like You

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I will pray god to send more people like Dr.Solomon to earth...
nice write!

Dr. Solomon is a very nice and social working man

I wish such sufferings of people ....dont exist

more people should come forward like Dr. Solomon

i wish we....the more privileged.....could all contribute in some way to ease the suffering of people.....

i completely agree with u guys

We need to understand our social responsibility. If each one of us can do our bit then am sure this world can be a better palce to live in.

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