My 2nd sem hols  

Posted by Deepak Hariharan

Well its sharp 4 am now and am not yet asleep.I can hear my mom screaming from bedroom, but as far as i am concerned, I am enjoying my holidays-2 months of sweet idleness! The sad part is only 10 more days left for my 2nd year classes to start.College is scheduled to start on July 1st :(. I have become really lazy after this long holidays. I am being childish like I don't want to go back to college. Though the holidays were boring initially, movies blogging music..and all really helped me a lot in passing time. I wish some magic being done over my college authorities to extent the holidays for one more month!

The hols were really boring at first. But I pierced my EYE-BROW(check out a post on that in my blog). It really got me going for a few days. I was always in front of mirror trying out various ROCK FREAK poses.hehe! I have a good movie collection. So I switched to watching movies(mainly TOM HANKS movies and ) from mirror gaze. But movies turned boring as time passed by. I started repelling to movies(now I m fine). Then I moved on to watching series like FRIENDS AND PRISON BREAK. Prison Break was one helluva time pass. I finished watching all four seasons. I would recommend watching that. Well, I needn't tell about FRIENDS. Joey-Chandler pair rocks. In the mean time, I took my driving lessons too from a nearby driving school. My driving test is scheduled on 29th of this month. Till date, everything has been going fine- dunno how it l turn out during test..Anyways do pray for me! :)

In between, I got my BSNL BROADBAND back. Guess wat, dad took my favorite plan-Night time. Its like 2 am to 8 am download free with speed 2 mbps unlike unlimited download plan. Well thats a reason why I am still awake(happy downloading :)) I downloaded all music and movies that i missed. I updated myself with latest releases like TERMINATOR 4, FAST N FURIOUS 4, NIGHT AT MUSEUM 2..(all latest release even the low budget movies). I came across a new genre of metal. I thought both heavy metal and death metal were same. But I was wrong. They both are extreme ends. I had never heard a single death metal band tat i was referred to hear. I tried out some good bands like CANNIBAL CORPSE, NILE, AMON AMARTH, CRYPTOPSY...(some more bands). Apart from movies, I enrolled into a holiday blogging contest conducted by my college authorities. Well, its still going on but I am pretty behind in the score board. Lost many bonus points due to late enrollment.

so guys chaow for now..well i am planning to pen down a poem(or at least some lines with a few rhyming words ;) ) for posting on this blog. Anyways keep reading and commenting my work. Inspiration and Encouragement is needed for a budding blogger like me!

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huh! 2 months of hols?!? fr me juz 6 days of hols fr my second sem!!! :'(

seems u enjoyed ur holidays a lot....

seems like u r a big fan of tom u must 've watched 'the terminal' ....about the post really good,went back to my college days by reading ur post..but i never used to surf till 4 am.:)

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