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torrents are like small size files(in kb almost) used for peer to peer download usually(sorry for tis sophisticated crap..i l make things look easier.)torrent files will usually be .torrent files. Today its like u will get anything needed for computer through torrents free of cost. Note this - its free of cost. U can get movies,music,games,softwares,e-books,pics n the list goes on. Basically what happens in torrents is like somebody who has a file(jus consider it movie or watever), he will create a .torrent file and upload it some torrent search sites. Users in need of that files downloads that .torrent file and opens it in torrent softwares like utorrent,bit-torrent etc. Thus its jus like usual download only where u download files which are uploaded by some1 on other side.

so lets get to real stuff tat u need to know..
Things You Need To Have
  1. High speed internet like broadband.(dial-up works too..but will be damn slow..broadband would be better)
  2. A good torrent it software tat l b better..I strongly advise utorrent..Other softwares available are Bit-torrent,azeurus etc.You can get utorrent from this link below(no spams n all) ps: after installing utorrent, speed guide will come when u run it first time choose connection type maximum one it xx/100mbit or somethin
  3. A list of torrent search engines. You can either search from the search menu provided in utorrent or else u can directly go to these sites and search.Sites that i l recommend are, I use these two sites and i guarantee full safety from spywares and stuff. A large number of search engines are available than these two.
Once you have these next will be download a file(lets say u want terminator 4) in your web browser, get to any of torrent search engine,say, and search for terminator 4 in search bar(ps: in most of search engines the search bar will be the first thing u notice so don worry like how u l find search bar n all)..then the search result will show all torrent files for terminator 4..then next thing choosing right torrent.(ITS IMPORTANT) the search results..sort them in decreasing order of seed..

pic 1:before sorting

pic 2: after sorting..

so download the torrent with most number of seeds.But if your search engine provides comment facility, i advise u to check it and then download to avoid fake comments previous downloaders leave comment about the files quality and stuff..

PIC 3: Comments..

u can either save the torrent into your hard disk and open it with utorrent or else you can directly open the torrent file..when u click the download torrent a pop up menu will come wit two options open and save..u jus need to select open at tat time and choose utorrent to open the file..then a small menu will come..with list of files in the torrents..when torrent is of music, u can choose which all songs to download..if u are an amateur in download i would rather suggest don worry about tat menu, you can select where to download the files(real files not torrent) into your hard disk..then click ok..

now in the software, your download would have the thing left to do is make your download faster.
  1. right click on the downloading torrent and hover mouse over bandwidth allocation and select high
  2. u can restrict upload speed if ur broadband is based on download accountfor tat right click downloadin torrent and select properties. In the properties dialog box, u l b seeing an option maximum upload rate-enter 1 in tat and click ok then..
  3. Next thing you can do to improvise download speed is click the downloading torrent, u can see a files option..the utorrent is actually divided into two showing all torrents..the other on below has many subdivisions displayed next to has general, trackers,peers,pieces,files,speed,logger.So 1st click on torrent and then on files in the below part..It will display all the files in the torrent tat u r all and right the pop up dialog select high priority..!
Now the download depends all on your internet speed..

Some Tips :))

  1. In preferences dialog box, when u select connection option on left..ter l b an option for port..and below it randomise port..keep clickin(nt so hard as it seems) till u get port in ten thousands ie port shld start wit 1 :P
  2. Do not download many files at same time though ur broadband is quick enough.Try to balance it wit around 6-8 downloads at a time
  3. Its really easy to learn bout torrents,i dunno y people worry so much bout using torrents..its not so complex and all!the best way to get used is explore tat utorrent completely..!
any help needed leave a comment
or leave a scrap in orkut

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good stuff...
pity they block torrent sites at our hostel.....

More people should know about torrents. They help to share a lot and many people doesn't know about it.I published a tutorial on how to create a torrent in my blog .

This post is helpful for me.... coz its a headache for me when i try to download any books using torrent.....since then i never watch the seeds..i used to see only the file size..will try this out and come back again..

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dj!!!!...gr8 work dude....i have a doubt...if i decrease the upload sped manually to least possible value will my download speed also decrease?? it like " give more get more" policy...does my down speed depend on up speed???????


Great post. I found some other useful tips about torrents here too <a href="></a>

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