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Well since i am back with my bloggin thing, i thot like y not i describe my adventure i had while piercing my eyebrows..So before i start off into piercing, i gotta tell u everythin includin wat made me, wen i planned, hw i tackled my parents n al.

So to start off..i have pierced both my ears.I got my left one pierced when i finished my 10th.during 10th hols and the right one after my +2..tat too during the hols.I was pretty happy n comfortable wit tat..But all those time i wanted to have my eye brow pierced but i had to face a lot of rubbish like "ohhh hw can u pierce ur ears" n crap..well those whackos have their ear pierced nw n lets nt get into tat..So i kinda felt cool despite all these.i felt like it gave a good fashion statement for myself..But recent times i have been seeing many with ear rings n it has become a real genuine thing. so i started havin bad feelin like tis thing hav become old fashion n like i gotta keep myself unique.So obviously next option either get some TATTOO INK on skin or a HOLE in eye brows..It was frankly a tough decision n both l cost me almost same..n i was completely confused which 1 to choose..Then i thot i cn remove my stud whenever i can..but removin tattoo is like double the cost..n wat if it cost me my career or mayb some twirky girlfriend[lolz..jus was real reason] i thot like keep tattoo away..maybe after i get settled or like situation come apt for i finalised to get eye brows pierced..but it was nt so easy to go wit eye brow pierce cos thots come like hw l i overcome the pain.wat if parents bite my..u noe ass..hehe..but it was a firm decision..cos main reason is m havin 2 months and its enough for it to friend ijas gave me the shop address wer i can get it done n phone numbet n stuff..for reference if anybody wants to name is UPBEAT..R.S PURAM.COIMBATORE...really good shop..i mean has graffiti all over the walls..n its like a freak den yaar..has marilyn manson pics..eminem tattoo photos n stuff..i was in so love wit shop..k bak to mission by then i had decided to pierce my eye brows n i had the shop wer i can get it done..nw the thing tat fussed me around was wen to get it done n whom l i go wit to coimbatore(i l call it CBE frm nw onwards)..i l describe tat in next paragraph..seems like tis s too long n mayb it l b convenient for my VALUABLE readers..

Well i guess u all know i am from palakkad n the shop is in CBE..its like 1 an half hour away from obviously i need a company to go ter..since i cant take my parents wit me to a piercin centre as it l b way too geeky..i m left wit one option i informed them bout my plan..unfortunately all my friends were havin their study hols since they were in govt. colleges unlike they obviously crapped at me..u noe SHIT DO HAPPEN..hehe..i cant blame them u noe tey were havin university it was like a real bad omen to me since i was filled wit so much negativity like in which ever angle i think bout it ter was some sort of prob for eg.will parents accept,will it b prob at my coll...ter was only prob arisin in i want to get it done somehw despite all probs..cos the clock kept tickin away my vacs[i copied tis from a LINKIN PARK song :p__)..later i pierce less time i hav for it to soon as i came to noe tat friends were nt comin..i thot i l get it done at the earliest..n i called up the shop friend had warned me tat in case ter r no needles its a waste to go ter..but shop guy told lik needles jus arrived so tats nt a the thing tat mattered is when i go..i decided to go 1 day later..tat was a friday[good day for hindus..bare wit my crap..i considered it as an auspicious thing]..i was so aroused anxious n al those adjectives..the D day came at last..i woke up really early tat day..i was kinda tensed bout the pain..n probs like will i faint on the way bak due to heavy blood loss but later i realised i din bleed even an ounce of blood.!!tat fear was really BLOODY crap of mine..i took bath n was ready to set on mission..i kept waitn till 10 thinkin it l b too early to go now..but i finalised to go for it then..i picked up a KSRTC bus to cbe n got down in bus stand..CBE had 2 bus stands n i dunno much around CBE so the fear of gettin lost was ter amidst all other i asked local people hw to get to R.S puram n somehw they guided me..i had to catch 2 bus i think..well at last i managed to get ter..but by then it was 12..u noe i fuss around too much..n now it was like shld i pierce n have food or the other may seem funny but under tat situation of all fear n stuff it make after gettin through all tis craps..i was fed up n wanted to somehow get my eye brow i never did think of going bak despite al probs..tats wat i liked bout i went to shop n told them the thing..i had to wait for a while since the person in charge was nt ter for a a thing happened (i dunno which adjective to use for tat thing seriously.. so u save my trouble after readin it..) while waitin ter like two guys came seemed like layman since his shirt was all muddy...other guy looked genuine..n it was like the laymen wanted to get his ear the guy ter took out some gun kinda..took a stud n fixed it inside gun..pointed gun on his ear..THUD!..over..he paid 50 bucks n the matter was me i had shock of my life..u noe hw i got pierced in 10th???took nearly 2 hrs seriously..i went to doctor actually..he was sterilisin n boilin n i dunno..he did all tat he can do to tat teeny li'l stud of was like 4 yr before from nw..such a serious development!!it gotta b ld hv got him longer to buy some apple from a shop seriously!!!...anyways things hv changed..n after 15 minutes of my await in tat shop..the guy who s gonna pierce me came...i l describe it in next paragraph ;)

The guy came n he jus briefed me up bout the things like it l charge u 400 bucks..n it l take around 1 week to heal basically(i was shocked..i expected 2 months..i kept my cool)..n he took me to some room..seems they do tattooin too cos i saw tat tattoo instrument..(i dunno wat they call it ) i lost my cool n al by the time i reached the room..fear of pain..fear of bleedin too much..all those..n i crapped him wit a big long questionairre..n he patiently answered all..he din try to convince me n al..answered bluntly its gonna pain..nt lik hw u pierce ears..really gonna surprisingly i felt really good after he said so..dunno y frankly..nw i find it funny..hehe..he chekced my left eye brow to decide where to pierce..n he took some sort of clipper kinda thing to hold together my eye brows..i mean my pierce is like 2 holes n its rod through these holes and tiny metal balls at the end..HOPE u cn imagine wt m tryin to say..n the moment he squeezed my eye brows wit tat me it pains like hell..hohoh..then i closed my eyes..n its like i dunno heard some noises n al..,pain was increasin but it ws nt too much..n after 5 mins..i simply asked him where r v n he said its over..he gave me a tissue since it was bleedin slightly..then i kept tissue for 2 mins n then it was done..I PIERCED MY EYE BROW...u noe i felt really high tat day...i pierced yaar..ehehe,,then i paid money n got out of the shop..paying money n stuffs..But i had the fear tat l i hit my eye brows somewhere like in the bus so i was extra careful..i had food from some crap hotel..again sought help from locals over there to get bak to bus stand..somehow reached the bus stand..took a KSRTC..luckily i gt seat..wat if i stand for 1 hr n becom unconcious..hehe..m a hard ass.,,hehe..n at last i managed to reach home..i was relieved then..n guess wat was mom's comment..its okay shokay..glad tat its small so tat nobody will notice..hehe..its nt tat my mission pierce becomes total success despite all fears..v must try overcomin fears...u cn consider it as moral if u want..hehe..!chao guys..rock on..!!

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It would be really appreciable if you could just increase the size of the font. With the present size its a bit hard to read.
Must say a really good experience. Getting pierced is one thing, getting it done alone, another but then getting it done in a place which is known to you is really commendable.

blogs look better with tis font size i think..i tried bigger i liked tis one rather!

hey..... am a frd of him and i know him well and he is a real cool guy ......
he made this well and this is nice ....... "dad" .....hehehe... i call him like tat and i dont like him 2 b any1's dad .........hehehe
finally yo man..........

whoa!! sounds painful You must have guts of steel!!!Congrats on your piercing!! What next the tongue??? :)

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