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Posted by Deepak Hariharan

“Be the change you want to see in the world” - Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948)

Today, world stands in a crisis, financially geographically.... Nobody can deny it. But it doesn't mean that a solution for that is impossible. We acclimate ourselves during problems and same is the case under the crisis we are in. But are we really acclimating. Well, people fret around with a single thought - I got to change the world. But are we really changing? .Geographically speaking, while you read this blog the ocean level is rising. The land is subsiding every second. But due to the size of earth, the results can be seen after many years. The polar ice caps are melting due to the Global warming. Human life stands in a still once the land subsides completely under ocean.

But, it's not late still. We can still work for 'our lives'. The sooner we start, the better it is. IYCN, Indian Youth Climate Network, is a NGO working for the good interests in preserving the environment neat and clean for future generations. More accurately speaking, in order to avoid the calamities we will undergo if this condition persist for longer time. IYCN is initiating a move to change the world called Baadlav 2009 with the moto "Be the change". It is a week-long climate camp to be held at Delhi from July 18th to July 23rd. It is scheduled to be held at Lodhi Institutional Area, Delhi.

ICYN is one among the NGO's working to bring that change that can ensure eco-friendly life for everyone. A world where we exist peacefully in harmony with nature. To change the muddy polluted water lakes to stream blue water lakes. A change is necessary for the hour. But our actions must testimony the change. Our actions must be evident that we work for the change. We can save a lot of energy by proper usage of energy. Most of us leave the electrical appliances working even after its use. By switching it off, we can save electrical energy and money mainly. In a poverty-stricken world, money is equally important, but not more important than anyone's life.! The main reason for the environmental crisis is pollution. We waste a lot of fuel while burning them. Mostly they won't be properly combusted producing a lot of harmful chemicals which can harm the environment. The carbon dioxide produced by burning of fuels and all other hydrocarbons accumulates in the atmosphere and causes GREENHOUSE EFFECT. Thus the heat from sun is trapped in Earth's atmosphere and as a result global temperature increases. Hence the ice caps at polar and arctic region melt. This is GLOBAL WARMING. See how a small change can result in such a drastic effect. Have you ever thought about this when u waste fuel??

A video on Global warming

By checking these small things, we can bring about a big change in effect. But first make the change at your home, then your neighbours. Literally, it end up as a change throughout nation. Don't wait for others to start working for the change, instead you be the first to.

Check your Carbon Dioxide Footprint from this site: click here
My Results:
Your estimated greenhouse gas emissions are 9.3 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalent per year. I feel really bad about myself for playing a role in distorting our atmosphere. I have made up mind to make that change, not just by words but by action. I will check my footprint after one month. Let's see how much change i can make. Try it out!

Save energy, Pollute less, Recycle instead of wasting.!

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gud one :) it ws thought provoking indeed :0

Wonderful message.We should all be vigilant about our environment and try nad save it.

nice message.. specially about the environment, it is obvious to save it, if you care about your future and don't wanna hear complains from coming generation.. afterall that's what you are gifting them.. [:)]

Grt post yaar...i dnt knw y ppl r nt takin it seriously...
keep bloggin...

well, at first I'd like to mention that your blog is really very beautiful, anyone who visit it once would certainly go through the posts and the posts are good too.. :)
This one specially I liked the most, I completely agree with you here, in fact I too posted almost similar stuff in a community forum and we have to bring out this change.
keep writing, keep it up!!
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good to see your blog ..........very nice layout and you post is nice too

'Environmental Issues' is a compulsory subject in schools n colleges in India…which means that we all are aware of the various issues. But in most cases it is just the many of us really care? u r right.. we shouldn't wait for others..we ourselves should be the change we want to see. This earth is ours. We can do a lot for the earth,for us, by taking care of small little things in our day-to-day activities. It’s high time. Good post.

nice message...gud one...:)

nice blog...btw..where did u get this layout...
nice postings..
chk out my blog...

good post..each and everyone should come forward to save our environment.

u r right.... we have to change, if we really want to see our mother earth beautiful and healthy.

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