One Gold For One Billion  

Posted by Deepak Hariharan

Olympics is the biggest sporting event. It brings together all athletes from various nations. All countries participate in Olympics and hence getting a gold medal is hard and sweet when achieved. Olympics is the biggest stage an athlete can get. They will be representing your nation at the event. They will be representing billions at home praying for them. Being an Indian, I was proud to see my brothers and sisters participate in various events. But it is a paining fact that we could bag only 1 gold medal. The gold medal that Abhinav Bindra got in 10m air rifle event. Well many famous athletes like Anju Bobby George,R.S Rathore did mediocre performance. Our national game is hockey. The sad part is our hockey team didn't even qualify for Olympics. The list goes on and on. But what is the reason? why is India's medal prospects very low?Aren't there enough talents in a population of over 1 billion

Can anyone dare reply to these questions that India lacks talent. Every Indian knows that India has abundant talent. The problem is they are still deep in ocean and has to be fished out. India has a past record of producing legends like P.T Usha, Karnam Malleswari, Dhyan Chand, Leander Paes etc. But India needs to move on and come up with new set of talents. There are more athletes in our nation with a potential to break records and earn fame than these legends.

The thing that rolls out is poor administration. India is known for its weak and corrupt overall administration in every field. Let it be politics to govt. offices . Our administration doesn't nurture the talents. Talents need to scouted from each nook and corner of the country. There are a lot of discrepancies in the administration itself. There is no proper finite system to run neither the scouting nor the development of the scouted talents. Though funds have been allocated for the training and development of athletes by the govt. They don't reach the athletes. Many required facilities are not provided for the athletes and those provided will not be sufficient. Athletes are still equipped with those equipments used 20 years ago. Proper coaches are not available. The athletes need proper coaching to nurture their talent. India needs to focus on setting up a good athletic team overall. Each loop hole to corruption must be closed. Athletes must get their privileged facilities.

Well, the govt system alone can't be blamed. Mass media plays a significant role. Take the example of Abhinav Bindra. It was on a Monday morning that India created history by winning the first ever individual gold medal . It was the greatest achievement by any individual till date. It was a great moment for India.He had brought the greatest glory to Indian sports by fulfilling the dreams of a billion odd people. People had written off Bindra because he had recovered from a back injury. But he made a strong comeback and proved everyone wrong.The episode of Bindra winning a medal was shown by the media in all its glory . The Indian media treated him as a "demi god". I think its media who is responsible for the rise and fall of a sportsmen . When he is successful ,it projects him as a demi god and when he is going through a rough patch it doubts his talent and even questions his sincerity. If an athlete starts making mediocre performance despite his/her talents, media can make things go the better way by spurring on the athlete in an encouraging way rather than targeting them with a questionnaire that judges the sincerity of the athlete.

Well it's still not late. London Olympics is coming soon. The Beijing Olympics must be considered as a morale booster for the challenge that we are going to face in London Olympics. With the available talent and proper nourishment, India can produce another 5 'Phelps'. Thus on positive note, lets pray that London Olympics will be a good reply to the question "1 Gold for 1 billion??" by bagging more gold medals and making India proud. Lets hope tat we will hear our National Anthem at least 50 times in London Olympics!


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good work dude... actually reading such on olympics makes me feel good thinking people still admire various games being played in olympics... Indians now are jst becuming a slave to cricket, forgetting that old charm whn india used to perform so well in olympics... but reading such still gives me hope dat indian ppl will sumday once again will cherish all the games of olympics....
good posting buddy, keep up the good workk........

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Ohh wow..."well, a nice post" !

hey dude....surely v r in da same ship....

good work man...keep it up...

great work dude....keep goin ,,,and if u have any suggestions...for me then i welcome u ....once again keep it up

India Should Win More Medals In Olympics...

my aim was to become a sportsman, unfortunately i could' i m preparing my son...i want to make him a tennis player...and when i read this post i actually think of my son getting a medal in olympics...

nice post man.. i believe we have more talent than any other country in the world, but the thing is just that in India there is hardly the right push required to achieve such things. Hope things will change after this gold.

nice post.. liked it ...


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