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First of all a YO!! before starting...

Well recently i came across a movie called me it really did shook me from the base of my heart..the movie circles around the social problems faced by AIDS victim..Well in the movie the protagonist Tom hanks is an AIDS victim and is counselor for a firm...he s a homosexual in the movie n Antonio Banderas is his partner..Tom hanks had concealed the fact tat he was suffering from AIDS from his employers..but as time ticks away he starts to have lesions over his body due to the disease..and one of his employers comes to know about it..Obviously though the disease spreads through exchange of body fluids it does create a ill will on every1 like some repulsion out of fear..employers manage to set up a reason to fire this guy since he cant be fired just cos he has AIDS(there is a law against it in USA..dunno bout India)..and it really shakes Tom hanks badly..he was really attached to the firm and he was over stressing himself with work despite the disease..and the movie is all bout how he sue the employers for just firing him for a reason which was really AIDS n not the one they managed to frame..Denzel Washington plays his counsellor role..even Denzel feels some sort of repulsion cos he had a new born baby at its obvious..but he really do enquire bout disease to doctors and at last decides to help Hanks.(ps:Hanks goes to 9 other lawyers n comes to Denzel after all reject him)...I am not revealing the climax..Its a subtle movie but really bring out a serious problem as a sattire.!

I would rather suggest every1 to watch this one on a serious note..not just for entertainment cos there s something larger than tat in the movie.!It would be rather better if every1 accepts AIDS victims...i mean those can b communicable only by transfer of body fluids..i dunno y
there s a social repulsion to it..n never rebuke December 1st..i confess i had rebuked it once by wishing friends n all happy b'day..i feel really stupid n bad bout myself now..but the movie really did influence me..i mean Tom Hanks really have done a great job in conveying his sorrows..i mean he s almost awaiting death..anyways.!!do watch this movie..a real gem.!

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Yeah I agree with you. Nice thought to put it in as a post. Not many will think of it..

yup thats true.......y do even educated 1s do so!no1 noes....i hpe d thots of ppl will change gradually..
shw d changes in d wrld by changin such attitude rather than changin d lifestyle

Its sad that people behave in this way in fear.

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