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Onam is a festival of joy and colours. It falls during the month of Chingam(Malayalam Calendar). It approximately falls during August or September. The festival marks the homecoming of King Mahabali who was sent down to patalam(hell) by Lord Vamana. The King was a favorite among praja(people) as it is believed that there was nothing evil during his reign-no crime no thieves no lies! The festival is celebrated during 10 days. The main celebration is placing earthern mounds are placed infront of the house and decorated with flowers of various colour and shape and is called athapookalam. Various competitions are also conducted judging the beauty among different decoration. The myth behind celebrating with flowers is that Mahabali was allowed to visit his people by Vamana before he was sent to patala. The thiruvonam day is considered to be that auspicious day when Mahabali comes to earth to meet his people. Hence everybody irrespective of caste,religion or whatever decorates their house and cleans up their house. The best part in Onam celebration is Onasadhya(Onam Feast). It is like around 11 dishes. It is onne helluva feast and I love it madly. There are other celebrations or onakallikal(Onam Games) too like snake boat race, then kaikotti kalli(a dance form) blah blah! Apart from all these everyone gets new dress. As I said, its like everyone celebrates ie. be happy so that Mahabali becomes happy seeing us all happy!

The Myth behind Mahabali being sent to patala:Mahabali's reign was so good, as I said earlier, no crime no lies etc. Everyone was so happy then but during some yaga Mahabali declared that he will give anything that anyone sought from him. Vamana took advantage of the situation and made a simple request to give him the land he measures by his feet steps. Mahabali agrees to this. Vamana soon grew large and with his first step he covered all of earth and with his second step all of heaven. Vamana had no place left to cover and Mahabali asks to consider his head as third step. Hence Vamana sends Mahabali down to patala. However Mahabali was granted his wish to see his people once every year.

Onam festival is very important to every South Indian especially Malayalees. Most of them have grown up celebrating Onam very year. So the festival brings some nostalgia in people. All the fun they had in collecting flowers for the pookalam, all those onakallikal and onasadhya. It brings them a flash of all those good old days in their life. In the fast lane of life, people tend to forget their values and culture and (I personally feel) Onam helps a lot in reviving the true shape of the person. It reminds him the vivid culture in our artforms and lifestyle. Onam festival is never a religious festival though it mainly includes Hindu mythology. Irrespective of caste and religion everyone get together and celebrate it happily. It is said that "We must celebrate Onam with whatever we have-poor or rich"

Some Athapookalam Snaps

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