Pather Panchali  

Posted by Deepak Hariharan

Pather Panchali

Pather Panchali, The directorial debut of Satyajit Ray. The movie is all an emotional roller-coaster ride. Its just like you are flowing against a river of emotions. You never know what's ahead. The movie is a matter of pride for every Indian. This movie is a major landmark of Indian and World Cinema.

Talking about characters. Characters were defined with such depth and scope. Each character has its own uniqueness. The old aunt and Apu were outstanding. The old aunt played by Chunibala Devi acted out very well. Every actor just brings out the realism in the story. I think watching Apu and Durga brought out immense joy in me. Durga stealing Guava and the happiness in old aunt when Durga gifts it to her.

The role of music in this movie. Movie is not about visual treat by Ray but a collection of melodious tunes by Pandit Ravishankar. Every frame in the movie is backed up by a background score suiting the ambiance and mood at that instant. I guess the score added to the beauty of the movie. For instance the scene where Durga and Apu are drenched in rain. The music played a great role in giving the warmth to the visuals.

Apart from story and music, Ray's visuals attracted me mainly. A perfect visual treat. The cinematography is stunning and apt to the theme of the movie. It never failed the ambiance or feel of the movie, Lyrical maybe. I loved the scene where a cat cuddles by a dog. Likewise, old aunt showing the hole in her blanket. Apu finding the necklace Durga stole. Perfect.

As Akira Kurosawa said of him:"To have not seen the films of Ray is to have lived in the world without ever having seen the moon and the sun"


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