Watching Movie On Release Day!!  

Posted by Deepak Hariharan

Yay! I got to watch another movie on its release day. Trust me, its frigging awesome. It really is awesome to watch the movie after all the hustle and bustle for the tickets. The crowd in front of the theatre and the long wait in the ticket counter for tickets.! I had been waiting for the release of movie Kandasaamy for around 2 years. I had planned of watching it on release day. The movie was supposed to release in May 2009. But the release dates were postponed everytime. Though they released the movie at last on 21st August 2009! But i feel, it was not publicised properly. Anyways!

I, as said before, wanted to watch it on release day. But it clashes with my college time table since it is a working day. Obviously I prefered the movie to my friggin college(:D)! I attended my first hour and jumped out! I went to nearby town Kollam(like around 50 kms from here). The crowd in front of theater was so huge that we had no idea how we(me and my friends!) were going to get those damn tickets. But my friend's friend was there and we gave him the money for tickets and managed somehow. The black ticket mafia in theatres are so cool. They just come and stand in front of the queue. Nobody dare questions them!!Well, by the time ticket counter opened, all tickets were sold soon enough that our friend's friend too didn't get ticket.We were left with two option! One go back and the other get a black ticket(2nd hand tickets..!google it if you dont know the meaning of black ticket!) We bought tickets for 80 bucks from the guys selling black tickets. Movie started and it was like mediocre theater! Vikram(hero in the movie) rocks! The movie was super cool. Well, that is not the response I saw from my friends. Yet, I conclude movie is not that bad!

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Apologies for not coming to your blog for so long ! :(

Sorry mate !

And yeah ... its outrageously thrilling to watch the most awaited movie on the release day ... tho I get to watch them, even before they release :D (Sorry, can't disclose the source) :)

Btw, which movie was it ???

And yeah it seems you have been working a lot on your blog off late !

Nothing beats a rajini movie on release day!! hope yu hav seen it lik dat!! BEZT FEELIN

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