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Posted by Deepak Hariharan

ths z da second time am tryin to get enganged into the daily bloggin 1st attempt was completely unsuccessful...hope frm nowonwards i will b able to spare time for this atleast trice a week.....i am completely clueless about where to start or what to start......i used to wonder how the trend of bloggin was so widely accepted by every1............but nw i think i hav tha answer......coz i am findin it really cooll.....where u can say whateva is there in ur mind and relax........even u can ABUSE over here...if necessary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so i am currently stoppin over here.........think i will b bak with ma other blogs soon........
coz nw i am not knwin wat to say!!!!!!!!!1

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Yeah absolutely.. Its only the first time that you wont know what to write.. then you will just keep writing.. but the thing is you need readers.. so get your blog known to as many as possible.. you will enjoy it even the more with ppl following your blog and waiting eagerly for your next post.

welcome aboard :)i'll give u d same advice som1 gave me -- dnt think much, just write what you feel !!

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